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Stress Testing the Web Ending B :iconoscar4111:oscar4111 12 4
Mature content
Stress Testing the Web Ending A :iconoscar4111:oscar4111 13 0
Mature content
Stress Testing the Web :iconoscar4111:oscar4111 47 9
Mature content
Basic Belly Economics :iconoscar4111:oscar4111 58 7
Emilee's Just Desserts - Chapter 3
Emilee’s Just Desserts - Part 3
(About a week after Emilee’s date)
*POV: Omniscient*
Summer had been good to Emilee so far. The pampered princess had done nothing but laze around her mansion and her pool, shop and buy expensive clothes and jewelry, hang out with her minions, fuck her boyfriend, and of course, eat. This spoiled brat loved to stuff herself silly with all manner of luxurious and fattening treats and sweets. Emilee’s overindulgence was legendary, and it was beginning to show its signs on her body. Her thighs had thickened up and began to show signs of spackling cellulite. Her already ample tits had gone up a cup size, and her bubble butt now had a little more jiggle in it. Her tummy too had changed. Formerly just a little soft from a life of ease and comfort, Emilee had gained a little bit of pudge in her gut, a tender roll of blubber now popped over the waistband of her tighter pants. Her minor gain was nothing too dramatic, but was definitely slightly n
:iconmollywaddles:mollywaddles 45 16
Bella's Battle of the Bulge Part Ten
“Oh my God.”
Nikki was scratching her belly where it exposed itself by pushing out of the strained tank top, when her mother’s voice made her head snap in her direction.
“Mom?” she said, surprise mixed with just a hint of trepidation, the memories of the last time they spoke still lingering in her mind. However, she wanted to appear happy and confident in front of her, and so quickly approached her, gave her a light hug and a peck on the cheek, and then went about her usual routine, which meant straight the kitchen, casually saying “I didn’t know you were coming over. You should have rung.”
The Bella’s mother could not muster any more words as she watched her daughter wobble groggily from her bedroom and lazily scratch her gut, a gut which not only was an actual gut, but could not be contained by her clothes anymore. As Nikki had moved towards her, she could not tear her eyes away from how it bounced in front of her, nor from the cl
:iconzander14:Zander14 20 5
The Good, The Bad and The Buffet
The sun is high overhead in the town of Dirt Creek.  The summer air is dry and arid. The tiny town is not much too look at but the people there call it home.  Earlier that morning a stranger had come into town.  Her long, blonde hair flowed behind her as she slowly walked.  Her wide brimmed hat hid her eyes from view.  Her ample rear was crammed into her leather chaps and her boots were scuffed and worn.  She wore a long jacket that surrounded her like a shadow, but the front was opening leaving all to see her more than ample breasts and flat waistline.  At least, her waistline was flat. She had spent the past ten minutes guzzling water down in thirsty gulps from the town pump.  Her belly had grown into a prominent bulge; her navel was now a smudge against the taunt surface of her tummy.  Her navel ring bounced against the skin as her tummy swelled with every gulp of water.  
Walking through the desert can make one somewhat thirsty.
:iconfudgepops:Fudgepops 137 33
Mature content
A Fistful of Cornbread :iconoscar4111:oscar4111 36 6
Mature content
Emilee's Just Desserts - Part 2 :iconmollywaddles:mollywaddles 42 8
Emilee's Just Desserts - Part 1
Emilee’s Just Desserts - Part 1
(Tail end of 11th grade)
*POV: Omniscient*
In the School parking lot at Westmount High, students chattered about their daily lives. It was the last day of school, and people were getting excited for the summer. Any outsider would notice that there were numerous cliques of students bunched in groups around the parking lot. Like most schools, there was a pecking order. And while you could argue the placement of cheerleaders above girl’s soccer, or any other combination, one thing was for certain. That one girl was on top of it all. This mean bitch was the Queen Bee, and she and her clique ruled the school with an iron fist. People observed the same thing that happened every day, with everyone standing in front of the school waiting for classes to start, a bright red Bentley Continental GT Convertible shoots into the school parking lot going 30 mph over the limit. Everyone knew who was in the car. As the luxury car pulled into the best spot in t
:iconmollywaddles:mollywaddles 65 23
Young and Chubby Episode 4: Page 1 by CelebMorpher
Mature content
Young and Chubby Episode 4: Page 1 :iconcelebmorpher:CelebMorpher 17 0
Debbie Does Sports Day - a Hill family fanfic by halrion Debbie Does Sports Day - a Hill family fanfic :iconhalrion:halrion 23 14
A Year Abroad - Introduction
"I can't believe my baby's going to be in Paris for a whole year", Lauren's mother squealed excitedly while trying to stifle the tears welling up in her eyes. Lauren gave one last wave to her family before stepping into the loading ramp and disappearing from view.
Lauren Conrad was a fairly skinny girl standing 5'6" and weighing a lean 120 pounds. Despite being thin, she had a somewhat curvaceous figure that she loved to show off, especially her rather large butt. She flaunted it a bit as she skipped daintily down the entrance ramp and boarded her flight, her shoulder-length brunette locks (as well as certain other assets) bouncing as she went.
"I hope she'll be alright" Lauren's mother, Janice said to her husband, Don.
"She'll be fiiiine." Don assured her.  "That girl has a good head on her shoulders and has always made good decisions in the past."
"I guess you're right," Janice replied, still a little worried.  
She had the right to worry.  After all, this was the firs
:iconcrazypicklehead2002:crazypicklehead2002 74 1
If Looks Could Kill - Part 2 by samster2
Mature content
If Looks Could Kill - Part 2 :iconsamster2:samster2 51 13
Mature content
Abby - Home for Thanksgiving :iconsnr6424:snr6424 207 8
Baldur's Gate II: Delicacies of Amn (Commission) by x-22
Mature content
Baldur's Gate II: Delicacies of Amn (Commission) :iconx-22:x-22 32 16




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